Thank you!

I wanted to take the time to say thank you to all of the followers of this blog. Thank you for your contributions, and thank you for welcoming these posts on to your dash.

I was unexpectedly busy this Christmas season, I got a new job a few weeks before Christmas and was put on almost full time hours. Because of this this blog didn’t quite get the love and attention that I wanted it to receive, and I want to say sorry I didn’t pack in more over the week before Christmas, and Christmas day itself, but also thank you for sticking with the blog while the content was a little slow. I still have heaps of original photos I intended to share with you guys that I just never got around to. Maybe I’ll save them for Christmas 2014. 

This blog will effectively be powering down now and officially activating again in November, though that’s not to say there won’t be the occasional post in the meantime. 

Thank you all so much for making what was just an idea an actual blog that actual human beings follow. I hope it’s been a good experience, and I hope you’ll stick around for Christmas 2014!

Thanks again, and have a very happy New Year!